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Fairy Tail x Reader

Fairy Tail x Reader

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Jenn lOL By Jenn_lOL Updated Jan 15

____'s pov:
I was currently back from a s-clas job that took about 3 years. I was acutally really happy because I was going to see my best friend laxus. Well he's also my crush, but I could never tell him because I didn't want to get regected. I was walking to fairy tail and when I was close enough I heard natsu yelling. I smiled because that was how natsu was, but then it faded because he said " laxus come out of hiding and fight me!" I ran to the guild and saw that natsu, master, some guy with long black hair in the guild. I guess natsu smelled me because he turned around to my direction and had wide eyes. I saw that the guild doors had an inchanment. ( hope i spelled that right) "Gramps whats going on", I said worried."_-____ your back... you have to stop laxus", he said." He turned all the girls into stone and he's making everyone fight eachother",natsu said. With that I got mad and followed his scent.'why would you do this laxus' 'what happened to you' 'why',I thought. I finally f...

Insomniac1514 Insomniac1514 Mar 17, 2016
We have MANY couples that need to get together.......  MAAANNNNY.
mirajane_demongirl mirajane_demongirl Dec 13, 2016
Wow, that escalated really quickly.... I went back from a mission, I confessed, and I die... Great! 😂😂😂
Cheye_Eucliffe Cheye_Eucliffe Aug 19, 2016
Lol this is so similar to the LaxusxReader story on my oneshots book😂🙌
Queenofprimes Queenofprimes Apr 19, 2016
*pulls out mira's ship book* well it looks like 50,897,46 ships in this book
whatthe-frickfrack whatthe-frickfrack Jul 01, 2016
I won't ever forget you either, yeah forget you for killing me
My_Light_In_My_Heart My_Light_In_My_Heart Feb 18, 2016
Wahhh!!! I'm crying! This is the second time I read it!😭(ノへ ̄、)