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Coming out of prison after being in there for seven years you would think twenty-four year old, Shannon Young would ge a good girl now. But no, she's back to being a cold-hearted dangerous bitch, having no care in the world.

All she wants is for her sister to be happy then leave Miami forever. No one will stop her from leaving the bad memories for good. 

When Shawn meets Shannon, his thoughts of her is that she is nothing but a bitch. But when he digs deeper in her, there is still a heart there. All he needs to do is break her stone. 

But both of them have somthing in common. They're both...Dangerous. 

What can two DANGEROUS people do together? Accomplish together? Be together?...Believe together?

CheyannePorter CheyannePorter 4 days ago
Why tf would you  still be wt him if you knew you couldn't accept his child that he had on you, & he a bxtch ass nigga for letting her treat his kid any kind of way.
AsiaTheBarbieDoll AsiaTheBarbieDoll 4 days ago
I agree with her sister ... stop acting mad ungrateful like you have something against the world 😒 She starting to gmt with this "attitude".
Same I thought about that video too for her song "The Worst"
CheyannePorter CheyannePorter 4 days ago
She dead did nothing wrong, she was cursing before she met George tf, she told you she not gonna change for nobody so stfu.
CompletedThoughts CompletedThoughts Dec 21, 2016
Yo telling me to stop cursing is like telling me to stop loving food
See I fw him he know he can't judge nobody cause he ain God✊🏽