Sabriel Summer

Sabriel Summer

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@HelloSongbird By tricksters_angel Updated Apr 26, 2016

Summer 2015, the summer at the Novak's house, the unusual group of teens liked to call it, the summer everyone found a place for themselves. 

The summer everyone found someone else.

The summer the odd Novak boys, Castiel and Gabriel did not waste their summer with no one but each other and their friend Charlie. 

AKA  In which Cas and Dean are the older brothers and TOTALLY gay for each other, and Gabriel and Sam have a plan, yet Cas and Dean are trying to get the other boys together. 

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Gabe_NOvak Gabe_NOvak Dec 27, 2016
I'm as gay as Gabriel's door maybe his door knob. 
                              I'm low-key all the afore mentioned brothers
deathofakilljoy deathofakilljoy Nov 24, 2016
I want a rainbow door with a green day poster on it and pictures of cats
omg-dont-mind-me omg-dont-mind-me Nov 22, 2016
If I had a choice my door would probably pizza but sliced in the shape of a pentagram
Gabe_NOvak Gabe_NOvak Dec 27, 2016
I kept imagining him in Dean's varsity jacket, cause cliche, and gay for Dean. That's the not way that jacket could possibly be stupid
TheShadowSlayor TheShadowSlayor Dec 04, 2016
                              STILL IN HELL
                              DO YOU EVEN CAAARE?
                              YOUR ANGEL CAS
                              CAN KISS MY ÃSS
                              MY LIFE IS SO UNFAAAIR