Find Me. (The Maze Runner, Newt Fanfic)

Find Me. (The Maze Runner, Newt Fanfic)

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adelychandesu By adelychandesu Updated May 22, 2016

The Ruiner.
A girl is sent up to the maze full of boys.
Like the others, she has no memories.
Sent as WICKED's test subject. Sent as a variable among the boys. Sent for a task.

WCKED didn't plan for love to kindle.

With things not going according to plan, will WICKED sabotage the harmony in the Glade? Will they sabotage the love between the Ruiner and the Glue?

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evarose46 evarose46 Apr 07
How come he's the only one in the glass with an accent? 😂
evarose46 evarose46 Apr 07
Jesus there are many dangerous things he never even suggested anything sexist 😂 she needs to chill out a little 😂😅
NerdGirl1o NerdGirl1o Apr 23
The fourth wall, and finding out your a book character. YOU DO NOT GO PAST THE FOURTH WALL
Umm nothing is great about them even though I am a guy and well if I wasn't asexual I would be gay...
-finnw -finnw Dec 29, 2015
Uh some are hot. That's one reason. Not all boys are jerks is another! Even though all the boys IVE met are jerks... Lol
-finnw -finnw Dec 29, 2015
Oh. A griever. That's nice... Said no one EVER (reply if you understand lol)