Not enough (Sesshomaru love story)

Not enough (Sesshomaru love story)

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"Princess," he said as he kissed her hand. A purr rumbled in the back of her throat as his lips touched her skin.

"Wonderful. So strong, so handsome, I love it." She took one more puff before putting her pipe away. She moved closer to the man wrapping her arms around his neck. "Please sir, tell me who are." She ran Ayako's fingers through his hair, pressing her body to his and slowly trying to seduce him. 

"Sesshomaru," he stated calmly. "The Lord of the west lands." Ayako's rubbed into his fur, loving the feel of its softness. 

"And Lord of the west lands, I desire you." She purred more, kissing his neck. "Only someone as powerful as you, and handsome as you, and as ruthless as you, is worthy of me." Sesshomaru smirked, enjoying her words of praise. "Sesshomaru, my Lord, I ask you... is someone as clumsy and outspoken as this girl worthy of you?" 

"No women is worthy of I, but this women can be the exception." Ayako smirked.

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MeenakshiNaik MeenakshiNaik Oct 18, 2017
most of them are either pale or deathly pale. seriously no matter what they'll still be pale,  so I find her kinda refreshing and honestly she sounds beautiful 😊
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