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Juvy (Ricky Horror)

Juvy (Ricky Horror)

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Darkness says Hello By loserxwithxdreams Completed

Andy Sykes is commonly mistaken for a boy. Her mother and father wanted a boy and accidentally marked the 'male' bubble of the paperwork for her birth certificate and they never bothered changing it. So they raised her as a boy and told her to keep it a secret that she's a girl. 

Well, she committed a crime and is now in a Juvenile Detention Center and is in the Boys ward of the jail, she has to share a cell with a boy named Ricky Olson. 

Will they escape? Will she blow her cover and he figures out that she's not a boy?

- - Mar 20
Oh my god, i''m crying right now. This is exactly what I'm like.
ZiggyHorror ZiggyHorror Feb 13
I don't know why I ever stopped reading this, now I need to start over
noicefrank noicefrank May 26, 2016
My friend said her parents spelled her name weirdly because her mom was high and SHE TOLD A TEACHER THIS WHO PRONOUNCED HER NAME WRONG AND THEIR LIKE 80 YEARS OLD LMAO
ImSoBadlyBroken ImSoBadlyBroken Mar 25, 2016
looks like this is my next story that imma read nonstop (i can tell already) XD
                              (i hate asking this but can you read my Miw fanfic that i just started writing?? )
Satanhxsarrived Satanhxsarrived Nov 14, 2016
Me: *says I'm gonna stop reading fanfics*
                              Also Me: *reads the same fanfic 10 times in a row, waits a month or so and reads it again*
slcwtcwns slcwtcwns Mar 07, 2016
What if she was ftm and was okay with her parents rasing her up as a boy