Bad boy player (luke Brooks) | Completed |

Bad boy player (luke Brooks) | Completed |

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Emily Waters is known as the...well actually she isn't known as anything. At school she is a quiet shy girl with only one friend. Luke Brooks is known as the Schools player/bad boy. He sleeps with a every girl and is a big asshole.

What happens when two different worlds collide?

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midnight22gb midnight22gb May 29, 2016
Janoskians will definitely change you, I know they did change me😂
JadaChristine JadaChristine Feb 22, 2016
Once you acknowledge the janoskians it's impossible to be innocent after
lukebrookslover22 lukebrookslover22 Mar 01, 2016
I'm in the popular but there is another popular group that are actual beoches. I hang with the nice popular group. The group that everybody likes. Love my life, haha. :3
                              Great start, can't wait to read the rest! Xx
lexiquinn46 lexiquinn46 Jan 14, 2016
I'm popular but I can't stand fake girls who wear 20 lbs of makeup
tonibess2003 tonibess2003 Sep 10, 2015
Why can't they be at my freakin high school? This just isn't fair at all… this bitch
L_U_K_E__B_R_O_O_K_S L_U_K_E__B_R_O_O_K_S Aug 13, 2015
Okay are ppl shipping Selena and Luke or something? Cuz almost every fanfic uses Selena's pic! ;(