Sex Hotel

Sex Hotel

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sweetie3299 By sweetie3299 Updated Apr 30, 2017

After finally scoring a date with her long time crush, Charlotte Taylor couldn't be more happy. Charlotte has liked Matthew Riley since elementary school. And when he asks Charlotte to the local fair, she hopes nothing will go wrong. Everything is going great, but what happens when everything takes a turn for the worse. 
Charlotte is forced down a mysterious blue tornado that came up from the ground at the local fair. All Charlotte remembers is the last touch of her and Matthew's hands as she fell down the tornado. When Charlotte wakes up she's in a room with a woman at a desk staring at a computer. Where is Charlotte?
The Sex Hotel

Follow Charlotte's journey as she adapts to her new life in the Sex Hotel. And see what happens when Matthew goes searching for Charlotte. Read to find out if Matthew is able to find her, and what will he see if he finds her.

The Sex Hotel
By: sweetie3299

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luciferthesecond luciferthesecond May 28, 2017
Those answers.... Were all living in 2017 while she's living in 1817
Elizabeth-Riddle1 Elizabeth-Riddle1 Oct 07, 2016
If the pill stops your period does that means she cont have kids ?
misplacedmind misplacedmind Feb 11, 2017
Where do they sell this pill at? 'Cause hook me up!😄😄😂
TealZebra36 TealZebra36 Dec 30, 2016
What I wear to the fair: A tee shirt, booty shorts, and my cow girl boots.
masked_sadly masked_sadly Jan 04, 2015
Idk I you meant to but it says 69 for a sex book. XD... I'm probably the only one who thinks that's funny... Oh well.