the baby project | harry styles

the baby project | harry styles

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Harry Styles, a quite cheeky and charming lad, was living the dream with his fellow band mates. But on one unfortunate day, he had to make the most hardest decision in his entire life. 

The manager at Modest Management was forcing Harry to get a girl pregnant. But Harry wasn't even ready to be a father. He was only twenty years old!

But if Harry didn't obey orders, he would get kicked out of One Direction. And Harry couldn't abandon the boys. They're his brothers!

So Harry set out on his journey to get a girl pregnant. 

This became known as "The Baby Project."


I apologize if this book is a teeny tiny bit cringe worthy. I was 14-15 when I wrote this, and it's my first book ever. Enjoy!

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*Turns and looks at Freddie* well you see Harry, that a funny thing to say....
goddessyonce goddessyonce Apr 12, 2017
This is just the first chapter and I already love the story!
peach-lip-gloss peach-lip-gloss Dec 24, 2014
Perfectly fine! I'm just so glad this story isn't being discontinued! ❤
strxye strxye Dec 03, 2014
Well, I actually haven't read this ever.
                              And just by the comments I can tell, that this story must be good.
                              So I am going to be reading this.
                              But I'll wait for one chapter after the other on this account.
                              Because I'm lazy. :)
                              Bye love!
chestpayness chestpayness Dec 03, 2014
                              you are actually continuing this!!?
                              OMFG THANK DA LAWD!
                              I cannot wait for the next chapter. 
                              I must know what happens after Don't Say Goodnight.
                              <3 ya boo
LirryForever LirryForever Dec 03, 2014
                              This is the greatest news I have heard in days.
                              Thank you so much for continuing to write this.
                              I was really starting to go insane without this story in my life. 
                              Anyway I love yew super much!!