Make Me [Man x Boy] [BDSM]

Make Me [Man x Boy] [BDSM]

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RichieMonster By RichieMonster Updated Sep 09, 2015

Phoenix Warner has been kicked to the streets by his only uncle, and within minutes of roaming them he had already found trouble for himself. But hey, trouble was what he was known for. 

Luckily for him, Jackson Godfrey steps in and helps him out. Not only does he help him out, but he goes above and beyond; offering to take him to a shelter, feed him, Hell, the man even offers for the kid to move in. 

So what's the catch?

Oh, it's nothing really... Just the fact Jack has always wanted himself a submissive, and Phoenix just happens to be the cutest male he had ever laid eyes on. 

Will the trouble making teenager submit to the man he already owed so much? Or will Jack get tired of his rebellious ways and kick him to the curb just like his uncle had? Will Phoenix come to accept that there's somebody in this world who might actually care about him? Or will he run before it can get so serious?

You_Thought2016 You_Thought2016 May 11, 2016
That'll be my kids excuse when people ask about their names😂😂
SheniyJ SheniyJ Dec 31, 2016
Mine, too!
                               I'm just tripping, but all moms become strippers when they get in the bedroom with your dad :3
Writersdrug Writersdrug Mar 20, 2016
Some people don't understand why I like making my characters (in my book) fight...there's something about disobedience that's way sexier than just nodding and behaving...just saying. You did great :)
mea_kunn mea_kunn Nov 24, 2016
Trust me I'm not worth that much if that's what your implying
Hannah_Aloise Hannah_Aloise Dec 20, 2016
Not really, I would've done that same thing in your situation
falling_in_reverse11 falling_in_reverse11 May 24, 2016
*claps* you're an idiot. If you want a date don't sound like you're gonna rape them.