Arrival [The Maze Runner, Newt / Thomas]

Arrival [The Maze Runner, Newt / Thomas]

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CELESTE By newtnoots Updated Nov 04, 2015

Book One in the Chase Series:

Evelynn Chase, Certified WICKED Member: a young girl by the age of sixteen who doesn't know what she's getting herself into when she escapes the creators she works with to help her friends.

Newt, Subject A5: a young boy by the age of sixteen that Evelynn has grown to love more than herself in the time she spends trying to keep him safe.

Thomas, Subject A2: a fellow worker who somehow finds a place in Evelynn's heart, even after everything they've done in their lifetime.

The Maze Trials: the one thing that drives them apart.

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djisidjdjdjdjdj djisidjdjdjdjdj Dec 30, 2016
Well I can tell my heart is about to be broken thanks for the heads up
trkstrks trkstrks Jan 01, 2016
Oh my gosh I just found this and read the description and went oh crapity crap crap... It's sounds just like a story I'm currently writing!! Just wanted to let you know that I came up with it by myself and was in no way trying to copy your idea :)
Jlegati Jlegati Dec 29, 2015
I love your story details, it really charges my eye. A great hook! Can't wait for real story!
BlameItOnSpring BlameItOnSpring Dec 27, 2015
Am I the only one who thought that Thomas was T.B.S. for a moment?
Epictimewithnerd Epictimewithnerd Sep 22, 2015
You wrote this when you were ten O_o  I can see my future and outcome not so good
jarofcum jarofcum May 27, 2015
I have way to many stories where the main characters name is Evelyn. This is going to be so confusing for me. -_-