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Thalia was never skinny.  She's Always been overweight, or "curvy" as her friends tell her. Even though she knows curvy is a word over-feminist people say to make overweight girls feel better about themselves. Truth is, she wasn't even that fat. She did have curves to kill but has always suffered from body image issues. She's currently a junior in high school. Just about to start her life off. She's quirky, fun to be around, has a closed circle of fun and fantastic friends even though she's extremely shy. She's never had a boyfriend. Never had a first kiss.Practically never done anything with a guy, that's she wanted to happen. She gets cat-called a lot. She gets hit on a lot. But when you're 5'3 and weighing over 200 pounds it can be hard to find someone who's interested. 

Until now. 

Meet Christian. 
Cliche, but he's one of the school's players slash bad boy slash every girl wants him slash you get the point. 
 He has never laid eyes on her. What happens after they clash?

  • bad
  • body
  • boy
  • broken
  • curvy
  • dangerous
  • heart
  • insecure
  • issues
  • love
  • overweight
XxEverlastingLovexX XxEverlastingLovexX Dec 16, 2017
Curvy people can’t be ‘gassed’ Ik a lot of confident and sassy  “curvy” “big” and yeah I️ said sassy
Ray__Diggz93 Ray__Diggz93 Sep 13, 2017
Looovvveeee her🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
moongoddess_01 moongoddess_01 Jul 16, 2017
I am like this book more and more, great job keep it up 👍😂😂
moongoddess_01 moongoddess_01 Jul 16, 2017
I am so glad I don't fall in that "Skinny bitch" category 😂😂😂
billie1601 billie1601 Jul 12, 2017
She looks good or what ever but ......SHES A STICK .....talking bout Curvy
carnationfire carnationfire Jul 09, 2017
Also fun fact. Sarah Hyland has a disease that keeps from gaining weight. So this throws me off