Pregnant by Hayes Grier

Pregnant by Hayes Grier

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*the picture above is Lily*

"Lily go meet the neighbors its summer and you need to make friends for your last year of schooling" my mom calls to me from downstairs

"NO" I yell back

"I wil come with you, to meet the parents" My mom say to me

"Fine" I say to her 

I change into a nice pair of flower leggings and a black top. I quickly brush my blonde hair and leave me room

"Ok Austin we are going to meet the neighbours, we will be back in a bit" My mom yells to her boyfriend

we leave the house and next door to the neighbours house and my mom knocks on the door. I put my phone in my pocket

"I got it" I hear a male voice around my age on the other side of the door

the door opens and shows a male, with dirty blonde hair and baby blue eyes. wow his eyes are amazing. He is probably 19-20 

"Hi my name is Nash" he says breaking the silence

"Hi my name is Julia and this is Lily my daughter and we just moved in next door yesterday" My mom says to Nash i think his name was


kiwimips kiwimips Mar 31, 2016
Hoe hoee hoeeeeeee merry christmas here r a few boys to pick from : D
Hayes_Poobear_ Hayes_Poobear_ Nov 06, 2016
How does her wanting to be in a relationship make her a hoe you're acting like she wants to suck his dick yea she's moving a little but too fast but so what that doesn't make her a hoe
okmagcon1 okmagcon1 Jul 13, 2016
I still haven't kissed my boyfriend and we've been together for a year and a half
dstetar dstetar May 01, 2016
Yes she was but they are close friends and spend everyday together so they missed each other after 3 days
reflectinghayes reflectinghayes Jun 14, 2016
My uncle lives outside of Seattle in Bremerton. It's so pretty there and every time we go see him we take the ferry to Seattle and go to pikes peak, and visit my cousin. We always are sad when we have to return to Arizona
Alexanderimagirl Alexanderimagirl Mar 22, 2016
And your already kissing😂 I didn't have my first kiss until I was 14 or 15 idk but it was with my ex jaden