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KrissyFerr By KrissyFerr Updated Mar 14, 2018

Sorry but for a while this story may go unedited but don't let that stop you from enjoying a good book. 

Kaiden Peters - 16 years old 5'5 dark hair, blue eyes abused by his drunken father and bullied by his classmates. He has yet to find a single day of peace since his mother's mysterious death....

Sterlin Pierce - 18 years old 6'3 brown hair, grey eyes with a body covered in tattoos. Sterlin is the future Alpha of the Moon Maiden Pack, the largest pack in the United States...

Want to know more about these two and how their lives tie together? Read and find out! Sorry ahead of time if this story sucks.

Warning this story is a BOYXBOY story meaning a relationship between two men. Don't like it than what are you even doing here? Also this is an Mpreg (Male Pregnancy) 

Don't forget to vote, leave a comment and ENJOY!

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