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Sorry but for a while this story may go unedited but don't let that stop you from enjoying a good book. 

Kaiden Peters - 16 years old 5'5 dark hair, blue eyes abused by his drunken father and bullied by his classmates. He has yet to find a single day of peace since his mother's mysterious death 12 years ago.  Suffering from night terrors and self-harm Kaiden's is nearing the end of his rope with little to show for in life. Constantly looking over his shoulders at the shadowy figures that have followed him since he can remember Kaiden wants nothing more than to feel loved and protect and, to maybe one day learn of the mysterious 'gifts' his mother spoke of before her passing.

Sterlin Pierce - 18 years old 6'3 brown hair, grey eyes with a body covered in tattoos. Sterlin is the future Alpha of the Moon Maiden Pack, the largest pack in the United States. The small town bad boy lusted after by many he only has eyes for his mate whoever that may be. He wants nothing more but to someday find his mate and take over the pack from his loving yet tiring fathers. One day in the school cafe Sterlin bumps into a body sending sparks all throughout his body. Only one person can cause though sparks - his mate. But will he accept his mate for who they are or was he hoping for better? Read and find out. 

Warning this story is a BOYXBOY story meaning a relationship between two men. Don't like it than what are you even doing here? Also this is an Mpreg (Male Pregnancy) 

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Ohana_4_Life Ohana_4_Life Jun 11, 2017
That band gives me the creeps but my friend loves that band.
SilverRain801 SilverRain801 Jun 07, 2017
It bothers me that he didn't clean up after being covered by spaghetti.
Caspianv Caspianv Aug 05, 2017
Man. The way the Wattpad sign complements the gray background......sexy!!
jooniaz jooniaz Apr 03, 2017
I might be seeing grey but I know Stephen is one smexy motherfucker
Angelique209 Angelique209 May 11, 2017
When you take four years of Latin and knew the translation 😄
Prettykitty23 Prettykitty23 Jul 01, 2017
I actually sorta pictured mr.acres as Magnus bane from shadowhunters