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Demolition Lovers (Frerard)

Demolition Lovers (Frerard)

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kier By babyspiders Completed

Gerard draws dicks for a living. Frank takes them.

Gerard Way moves into a new apartment in a dodgy complex where he's bound to get beaten to a pulp after his old place is set on fire by those damned 'youths', and by a certain turn of events, his neighbour, the equally provocative, yet entirely in a different way, Frank Iero, ends up in his bed, and then, everything just really goes to shit.

Satan could you stop writing fanfiction for a minute and go check on hell for me, please?
crimsonrx crimsonrx a day ago
i'm that neighbour who makes no noise until i have a friend over because that is when i get wild
crimsonrx crimsonrx a day ago
"four twenty in the afternoon" is an extremely panic! at the disco phrase
I'm pansexual but I say I'm gay and for some reason people get super fricking offended when I call myself a faggot
Like I understand that it's offensive but it's a joke to me. I don't get offended if someone says that and they means I'm gay because it's true
frnknsteinisFtl frnknsteinisFtl 4 days ago
HONESTLY the title of the chapter is so good because me and my friend went someone and this guy was like "OH look two fags" and we make it our priority to never live our new title down