Louis's Daddy Harry's Baby (BoyxBoy)

Louis's Daddy Harry's Baby (BoyxBoy)

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Anya Dowdell By Anya_Fanfictions Updated Mar 09, 2017

such a simple name for a simple book.

"You need a daddy?" he lifts is eyebrow

"yes" I whisper

"You want me to be you daddy" he smiles

I nod looking down. His hands catch my waist and pull me to him

"What does daddy have to do to you" he whispers in my ear

"treat me like a baby. Pleasure me. Never leave me"

"And I'll call you baby" his lips attach to my neck

"Uh huh Daddy" 

"I'll be your Daddy Baby" he whispers.

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leothebestboi leothebestboi Aug 26, 2017
I honestly hate when people do this to me, like I have an LGBT friend you two should go out
tiki967 tiki967 May 15, 2017
Making my way to the back to get a snack with a mop into the bakery shop. 🎶🎵🎶🎼🎼🎹🎤
People irk tf out of me with the whole “doesn’t exist “ thing.
lazyloser20 lazyloser20 Jan 13
Honestly I’m not even mad bc I thought about when Harry said in one of the never have I ever interviews that yes he’s seen a band member naked but no he’s was not impressed(I mean most likely he was talking about Louis)soooo.........
                              Sorry I’m petty like that
ryxnlol ryxnlol Dec 20, 2017
lmao i sound rude as hell (not meaning to) but go find and read it. i had no idea what i was even seeing
Yay! I'm pansexual, glad to have a different sexuality other than gay or bi or lesbian! ❤️💙💛💚💜💗