Louis's Daddy Harry's Baby (BoyxBoy)

Louis's Daddy Harry's Baby (BoyxBoy)

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Anya Dowdell By Anya_Fanfictions Updated Sep 30

such a simple name for a simple book.

"You need a daddy?" he lifts is eyebrow

"yes" I whisper

"You want me to be you daddy" he smiles

I nod looking down. His hands catch my waist and pull me to him

"What does daddy have to do to you" he whispers in my ear

"treat me like a baby. Pleasure me. Never leave me"

"And I'll call you baby" his lips attach to my neck

"Uh huh Daddy" 

"I'll be your Daddy Baby" he whispers.

Hey he's as tall as me and I'm 13 (also female people make fun of me for being a girl and I'm taller than all the kids in my grade well most)
On day for fun I called my mom that in a British accent and she said " shut up your mexican " and I was like fine whatever it was funny
Yay! I'm pansexual, glad to have a different sexuality other than gay or bi or lesbian! ❤️💙💛💚💜💗
Keeplovein Keeplovein Oct 18
Dominate Niall?.....i sense it...deep down inside niall... It's there
When I saw this I made the strangest sound ever it sounded like a hiccup and a I couldn't breath sound and also a laugh so my dad was like wtf lol