SUIT & TIE 1: His Obsession

SUIT & TIE 1: His Obsession

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He's a very good example of sin...

He's every girls dream...

Every man envy him

He got it it

Luxurious Cars

Trillions of money

Sinfully looks


All that man in this world crave for

But he has a secret


shhh!..keep quiet...

Do you want to know it?

Behind all of this succsses there is a man... or should I say DEMON that crawl to your sleep and make him feast at your body endlessly and leaving you exhausted...

Will you take the risk to meet him?

Ready girls at body and girls at heart. You will enter his world, a dark world to be excact.

Let's all reveal the secret behind...



RedPolkaDots12 RedPolkaDots12 Jun 26, 2015
Sana totoo yang mga ganyan sa mundo hahaha kaya maganda sa mundo ng wattpad nangyayari ang imposible btw ang ganda ng umpisa hahaha nakakakilig na nakakahorny jk hahaha
tephtaph tephtaph May 13, 2015
Bwaaahahhahaha. "Adam" ang magnanakaw ng panty. Yung sakin pwede mo rin nakawin. Lols.
khen_32 khen_32 May 12, 2015
hola!? may pagka fantasy ba 'to? but in fairness. AHLAYKIT!!