If I Could

If I Could

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SpringDrizzle By augustbaby Updated Dec 10, 2011

Dear Jenny,

I know I was never really part of your life, but I can't help but to miss you right? Am I wierd for that? You and I never really talked expect for the last month or so. Doesn't that entitle me to something? You only ever kissed me five times and when you did it was a light peck on the lips. I didn't quite understand why you restrained yourself, but none the less I let you be.

We never really talked and I can't help,but wish we had talked more. I would've known more than just your middle name, which is Kimberly. You never told me your favorite color was red or that your favorite hobby was dancing. Why Jenny? Why?

I'm guessing  it's to late to ask all these questions, Huh? You're gone and there's no way you could get this. I just wish that my face would've been the last thing you saw. I wouldn't feel so guilty. There are probaly a million reasons for me to feel guilty, but the one at the top of the list is our argument. You remember don't you? Our first, and only, argument...

Laurabar Laurabar Aug 26, 2013
Hey!! :) This is a great short story. I felt the emotion and even though I didn't really got what was going on right away I wanted to read on. There is just one thing I noticed; in the first paragraph you wrote expect and I think you mean "except" :)