Finishing with a family? (A VA Fanfic)

Finishing with a family? (A VA Fanfic)

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Jess-Roza By Jess-Roza Updated Dec 07, 2014

I awoke an hour before training was due to start. It was milliseconds later I was over the toilet, and the contents of last night dinner were reappearing. Okay, unusual. Dhampirs never get sick. And I mean never. 

A quick check of the time had me checking I was okay to stand. I was, so I hurriedly brushed my teeth, changed and rushed out to training. I really didn't want to worry my badass boyfriend- especially considering today was his twenty-fifth birthday. I had made him a card, but he wasn't getting it until tonight's training.

"Morning, Comrade!" I greeted cheerily when I walked in the door, a minute early. 
"Rose!" he laughed and unleashed a full smile. Even since the cabin and my eighteenth, they were still rare. Unfortunately... I knew and understood why.
"Don't laugh at me, Dimitri Belikov!" I returned the banter. 
"You're early." he smirked and raised his brow. 

Damn! That was a drool worthy face. And I normally would have continued the banter, but something in his wo...

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