Broken (A Draco Malfoy Fanfiction)

Broken (A Draco Malfoy Fanfiction)

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Sometimes when things get wet in the rain they start to crumble and fall apart, under the pressure.

That's exactly what happened to the breaking mask of Draco Malfoy when his past threatened to drown him. To push him under the waters of his darkness and not let him rise up to breathe. 

Maybe she could help him. 

Maybe she could keep him afloat.

Maybe he was not completely lost just yet. 

Or maybe, life had other plans that could plunge both of them into deeper, darker waters.

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bigfoot4254 bigfoot4254 Mar 27
What I want more than anything is to be surrounded by the walls of Hogwarts.
bigfoot4254 bigfoot4254 Mar 27
One time my heart was beating really fast and to me really loudly and my hands were so sweaty bc I was afraid to get detention ll
bigfoot4254 bigfoot4254 Mar 27
That would be me lol, not paying attention and start clapping and then everyone would look at me and I'd awkwardly start coughing to cover it up.... That is just so very detailed, but I um...I swear it DEFINITELY has not happened before.....nooope
How can she possibly get head girl?! I know it's only a fanfic and stuff but wouldn't the head girl be the one to, I don't know, show around the new girl?? Doesn't make sense how she can become the head girl only based on her intelligence... otherwise it seems like a really good fic so far! Xx
itscallapie itscallapie Jan 18
Instead of a but like mine I read a butt like mine like fan l damn Harry got da boot y
idddddddkyet idddddddkyet Jul 24, 2016