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suriana By bieberjenners Updated Jul 27

...Countless cultures point to the raven as an indication of powerful secrets, a messenger in the business of both keeping and communicating deep mysteries...

...they are thought to help people find answers to thoughts that they are unable to face. In turn helping to expose secrets to help a person begin the process of healing from their effects...

When Bella's world is turned upside down with the sudden death of her father...she finds it hard to cooperate all the while being consumed in a web of lies only to lead to the discovery that she's being watched.

Being the only daughter of one of the highest men of the mafia was hard enough...but being the daughter of one of the highest men of the mafia who is now dead is even harder.

Let's just say, it's about to get a whole lot worse...

DrewLove5 DrewLove5 Aug 29
Ok don't tell me that at the end Justin might die cause I might cry then😥
DrewLove5 DrewLove5 Aug 29
Ok first of all LMAO and second of all I have a bad feeling about chedder chap  gagg chad whatever that dudes name is.
DrewLove5 DrewLove5 Aug 29
I WAS BORN IN ITALY...ok am gonna go now ignore this comment
bizzlesbbyg bizzlesbbyg Sep 06
chad probably brought the roses bc when he was snooping around the room he found that rose