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The Lady Way [OHSHC] [Kyoya]

The Lady Way [OHSHC] [Kyoya]

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♥ I.C ♥ By Izabelacchi Completed


"If you're going to do  something, do it the lady way." 
    Straight forward, gracefully , not letting anyone in your way and keeping your eyes on the goal. That, my friend, was the lady way.
    Jun Takahashi comes from a small family that people at Ouran would consider 'poor'. Her mother always taught her growing up to do things the lady way, which was to still act like a lady but be dominate and not let anything stand in your way. Be aggressive, yet graceful at the same time. Be a lady but take charge like a man would.
    As her mother gets more ill, she only wishes for the best for her daughter and her older son Kyo.  The siblings decide to try and get into Ouran High School for a better life but Kyo shakes his head at the idea of her  going to Ouran, stating that she's just a fragile little girl and would break under the pressure of such a school. He says that she wouldn't make it through the year there, even if she was  a boy.   
    Neighbors agree, friends agree, her father agrees, grandparents agree and heck, even the pets could agree at this point.
    Deciding to prove them all  wrong - she takes charge.
    Doing it the lady way, the unisex name changes from Jun, a female to Jun, a male.  Dressing up as a boy and getting into Ouran.  It wasn't all that hard, until she bumped into the host club.
    Accidentally breaking a statue that was on display in the music room, her families debt gets deeper. Yet again, she takes charge and does it the lady way, agreeing  to become a host to get her and her family out of this debt, and show her brother that she can do this too.
    The thing is, she came in as a boy and that's what they'll know her as until the day comes when they all find out. 
    No matter what, she'll continue to do it the lady way.

Yea, I don't think I'm gonna like her family all that much. 😐
_Kawaii_Trashcan_ _Kawaii_Trashcan_ Dec 20, 2016
                              I'll excuse myself *rolls out door and off cliff*
PreciousBlueGem PreciousBlueGem Sep 04, 2016
I'm just thinking how her name rhythms with kun so I'm calling her Jun-kun
Le_Cookie_Jar Le_Cookie_Jar Nov 05, 2016
Since everyone be commenting about a Jun...
                              Jun, July, August, September, October, November
                              *hides in a corner*
Rip-myinsanity Rip-myinsanity Sep 04, 2016
Hell yeah!! This story is so good so far I can't wait to read the rest~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
LoveDeLee LoveDeLee Nov 05, 2016
I read this when it first came out but it got deleted off my story list.  It's been years really.  I still remember waiting forever for the next chapter  and here I am. Reading it and still excited for what a to come.