Mute [Larry Stylinson AU]

Mute [Larry Stylinson AU]

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xRejectxMGCx By xRejectxMGCx Updated Dec 17, 2015

"Who's that?"

"That's Harry Styles."

"Why is everyone staring at him?"

"Because they all think he's crazy."

Harry Styles hasn't said a word in five years 

He's not physically or mentally unable to speak, 
He just doesn't.

[Nearly the entire story will be in Louis' POV.]

(I know, Louis doesn't have to sign, but for a few chapters he will, to show harry that he understands sign language.)
(this will be how Harry looks @ 16, and Louis @20 but both are 18)
(Harry is shorter in this)

She's starting to sound like antis when haz and lou come out
BIG_PAPA_97 BIG_PAPA_97 Jul 26
There are so many other things in the Bible that Man shall not do but do so what's the problem??
I get sad when people get mad at her, even in books, because she's gone now
sybelle96 sybelle96 Mar 30
The bible actually meant man shall not lie with child like he does with woman, but they got the translation wrong
This would be me but more excited then I'd be like FINALLY and throw a party
Dolanluve Dolanluve Aug 13
It doesn't actually state that being gay is wrong as long as you love the person that you are with you could be with them no matter the gender they are so lady I'm nor sorry to say this YOU'RE WRONG