The Boy In My Class - Armin x Reader

The Boy In My Class - Armin x Reader

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After the whole accident happening, you knew that Armin was the guy you were in love with. He had always been there for you so why didn't you notice his feelings before? 

Now you two attend the same college, except he's been avoiding you for quite a while.

Will you regret being with him or will he make you the happiest you have ever been?

I have friends I just never understand a thing there talking about so I just tune them out for a few minutes
Me: I don't need lotion, but you know what does~
                              Sasha: Huh? What do you me- OH MY GOD CZ I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL DELETE YOUR NETFLIX IF YOU SAY IT-
                              Me: LEVIS DIIIIIIIIICK
KyuuriiChan KyuuriiChan Dec 28, 2016
Thats me.. I tried.. But it didnt works so now I barely even brush my hair for school..
                              JEAN AND MARCO 100%
                              FUÇKING THAT SHIP
Eren Has left us alone in the great maze of highschool.........great just great
LoneClover LoneClover 5 days ago
I wake up at 6 every morning, get on the bus about 7:15 and get to school normally around 7:50, and school starts at 8:15...