The Boy In My Class - Armin x Reader

The Boy In My Class - Armin x Reader

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enthusiast By Marizelda Completed

After the whole accident happening, you knew that Armin was the guy you were in love with. He had always been there for you so why didn't you notice his feelings before? 

Now you two attend the same college, except he's been avoiding you for quite a while.

Will you regret being with him or will he make you the happiest you have ever been?

*Has read over 15 Levi X Readers before coming here*
                              Me: "I tHInk nOt."
EVERYONE MAH LITTLE BLONDE COCONUT HAS ARRIVED!!! Go near him and get your head sliced off for free :3
I shall'st warn you... Skip chapter 17 and go to the last one unless you wanna bawl your eyes out 😸
Why did you say gasp instead of doing the Acton like gasping idiot
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I will barely even let my two best friends touch me (my only friends) and I'm dating one of them. I'll also barely let my siblings or my mom touch me. Get off me people!
You know where you group is because you'll hear bloody screams, and shouts.