Meant To Be

Meant To Be

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I sat back on the leather couch holding a blunt in my left hand with a glass of Hennessy in the other, listening to Nicki Minaj Buy A Heart. As the beat and lyrics flowed through my ears I took a long drag followed by a gulp of the strong alcohol. Lately this has been a nightly routine when it came down to Quavo, my first love. Placing the glass down and blunt on the table I ran my fingers through my hair holding my head. He claims to be with his boys but I know exactly where he is. With Mariah, his "bestfriend". Yet I'm still here and haven't left his ass.

The tears of stupidity trickled down my face thinking about how stupid I am. Here I am being ignored by my family for a nigga I thought loved me. All the cheating and late nights started five months ago and I'm still here like an idiot. As I mentally cursed myself the front door of the apartment opened. Knowing it was him I wiped my eyes.

"Whats wrong with you ?" 

"Nothing I'm fine." I sniffled before throwing my hair behind m...

Sin4You Sin4You Oct 08
His best friend better look good enough for me to turn lesbian. His ass stupid cuz that girl up there is straight fire😍😍
I went through the same exact thing she went through. I mean the same exact situation and it takes awhile to get over it and she's right it's scary but now I can proudly say fūck that nigga😊
ChikaB123 ChikaB123 Oct 23
Damn I would've really cried right there in his lap no funny that's messed up
ChikaB123 ChikaB123 Oct 23
If he can fall out of love with you that fast over something so dumb then he never was in love with you it was always just love for you