Meant To Be

Meant To Be

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I sat back on the leather couch holding a blunt in my left hand with a glass of Hennessy in the other, listening to Nicki Minaj Buy A Heart. As the beat and lyrics flowed through my ears I took a long drag followed by a gulp of the strong alcohol. Lately this has been a nightly routine when it came down to Quavo, my first love. Placing the glass down and blunt on the table I ran my fingers through my hair holding my head. He claims to be with his boys but I know exactly where he is. With Mariah, his "bestfriend". Yet I'm still here and haven't left his ass.

The tears of stupidity trickled down my face thinking about how stupid I am. Here I am being ignored by my family for a nigga I thought loved me. All the cheating and late nights started five months ago and I'm still here like an idiot. As I mentally cursed myself the front door of the apartment opened. Knowing it was him I wiped my eyes.

"Whats wrong with you ?" 

"Nothing I'm fine." I sniffled before throwing my hair behind m...

RoyceWilliams5 RoyceWilliams5 Dec 23, 2016
My Attitide To Stupid for This Fckn Book I Swear 😂😂🤗 what is going on
He fell out of love with you because yall didn't have sex. Boyyyy
SyraiDaWrita SyraiDaWrita Dec 29, 2016
She saying the late night outing started five months ago ? Sis I would of been out of there
exotic_qveen exotic_qveen Dec 29, 2016
Boy I can just feel her heart Breaking..💔 If my FL ever told me this I would just break down right there
Ummmmm its not my responsibility. Men dont NEED sex. Tf. It's your responsibility to be an adult in a relationship.
QueenCvppin QueenCvppin 4 days ago
Getcho duck head ass outta here man😒👉🏾🚪Quack quack into Marie's punani🖕🏾