Meant To Be

Meant To Be

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I sat back on the leather couch holding a blunt in my left hand with a glass of Hennessy in the other, listening to Nicki Minaj Buy A Heart. As the beat and lyrics flowed through my ears I took a long drag followed by a gulp of the strong alcohol. Lately this has been a nightly routine when it came down to Quavo, my first love. Placing the glass down and blunt on the table I ran my fingers through my hair holding my head. He claims to be with his boys but I know exactly where he is. With Mariah, his "bestfriend". Yet I'm still here and haven't left his ass.

The tears of stupidity trickled down my face thinking about how stupid I am. Here I am being ignored by my family for a nigga I thought loved me. All the cheating and late nights started five months ago and I'm still here like an idiot. As I mentally cursed myself the front door of the apartment opened. Knowing it was him I wiped my eyes.

"Whats wrong with you ?" 

"Nothing I'm fine." I sniffled before throwing my hair behind m...

Makaveli4Ever Makaveli4Ever 2 days ago
Sounds like she put the hoe in hoe⚰⚰😂😂😂😂😂
Tell me why she look like Kim Kardashian 🤦🏽‍♀️ Omfmg
Girl 😭😭 Ion even do vixens no more i get 360's frontalsssss 😝😝😝😝
Jan_26th Jan_26th Feb 25
Cant be with a nigga that got a female best friend for that reason
Me with these flip-flop titties can't wear clothes without bra,
                              The struggle!!