You're Mine, No One Else's (IM5 fanfic- Cole Pendery)

You're Mine, No One Else's (IM5 fanfic- Cole Pendery)

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Cole Alan Pendery; the bad boy. He's known for being dangerous, he's also known for being mysterious. No one plays with him, they'd be crazy to. He has friends that are also bad, but not as bad as him. They call them the 'crew.' 

Leah Marie Anderson; the good girl. She's shy and barely talks. She always does her work and has straight A's. The only thing she's known for is her good girl behavior.

But what happens when Leah notices Cole is acting strange and things about him are changing? Like his eye color. 


His body pushed me against the wall, trapping me. He grabbed my hands and pinned them above my head. I could feel his hot, warming breath on my neck. 

"Say it Leah, say those two words." He started sucking on my neck making me almost moan. I bit my lip to keep in the words he wants to come out of me. "Say them and you get what you want."

I couldn't take it anymore, everything felt pleasurable. "I'm yours." I could feel him grin against my neck.

"That's all I needed."

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wynnexox wynnexox Mar 04
I'm just over here like "whhhhhaaattt?" when I read the first sentence
SyahidaZaharul SyahidaZaharul Apr 26, 2016
Ughhhhh I just loveeeeee this . Prob the best I've ever read .
chickennuggetsquad1 chickennuggetsquad1 Sep 04, 2016
Wait... Did I miss something? 1. Just come and kidnap me, 2. You are in the verge of raping me(😂) 3. Now we are dating? The fuq
Ndeyjaa Ndeyjaa Nov 07, 2016
...I should do this to my crush
                              But then he'll think I'm crazy..
infinitegurL infinitegurL Dec 06, 2015
AH I just can't wait to read this it sounds so super amazingly cool and awesome and as soon as I get time I'm gonna read this. I started it though, and the first chapter is AMAZING! You are all kinds of AMAZING! Totally gonna add this to my list!
Crazy_im5 Crazy_im5 Aug 24, 2015
Wow I'm very intrigued 
                              First paragraph and it's like you've read half the story