Mental [Currently Editing]

Mental [Currently Editing]

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Jamie Sanders is an orderly for the only psychiatric ward in town. He has a very dark piece of history involving it and has seen his share of disturbed patients. When the next one comes in, he expects her to be the same as all of the others. Little does he know that there's something extraordinary about the young woman who steps in the door.

Sara Landon has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and placed into three different mental health facilities in the last year. Within each one, events have occurred with no explanation, and she's beginning to think that maybe she doesn't possess the illness after all. The only problem is that no one is willing to believe her.

Soon after she comes in, more unexplained events begin occurring. Patients begin to escape, disappearing off of the grounds without a trace. Sara is being hunted down by a man who calls himself the Master, who will not stop until he captures her. And someone very important to Jamie plays a part in the ordeal.

Sara and Jamie must work together to find out what the Master is after. Because, one by one, the ghosts of Sara's past are coming back. And they're not happy.

{Rated PG-13 for violence and thematic elements.}

[Trigger Warning: Contains scenes of violence and a scene of forced self-harm.]

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