Good Girl Gone Bad

Good Girl Gone Bad

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   Niki Ross is just an ordinary, happy and bold 17-year-old girl living in New Jersey, she has the perfect life. Which includes her 18-year-old brother Brayden, who's like her best friend and her Mom Mallory and Dad Jake, she had it all. But one day her parents get a new job opportunity in the UK and moved there. Now Niki has to basically start her life all over. At the school Niki meets the a gang called the Bad Boy's which members are Nick, Cody, Bennett, Henry, Matt, Collins, Tyler. When Niki and one of the members began to feud with each other word got around the school quickly, now Nick the leader of the gang, wants Niki to join them. When Niki agrees to it, strange things begin to happen. Will Niki find out more about herself and her past than she's ever known? Find out in the book Good Girl Gone Bad. 


  • action
  • badboys
  • badgirl
  • humor
  • romantic
Wow, my name's Niki too.... What a coincidence! I'm the protagonist of the book I'm reading.... 😂