The Insane Mind                  Joker x Reader

The Insane Mind Joker x Reader

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UselessToasterOven By UselessToasterOven Updated Sep 09, 2016

Some people believe, that a joker X Reader, would be insane people, gimmicks, and jokes. Not in my story. The story takes you on a journey of being a psychiatric in Arkham Asylum, and your next patient happened to be the Joker. You swore to yourself that you wouldn't fall for the likes of him,but let's face it no one can outsmart the notorious little devil. In the story you realize what it really means to fall in love with the psychopath, this is not a Mary Sue story, so if you're looking for your basic love story about two people falling in love, then get the heck out of here right now. This story is what is truly like, not what you think it is, what it really is. Instead of your cartoon Joker, I put Heath ledger Joker in here. Because he is dark and brooding and let's just face it everyone he's the best joker anyone will ever if you're in the mood for a killer story, come read give it a like, a comment, and if you want to truly experience the best joker story ever, then read my story.

Jokerxelsa Jokerxelsa Apr 24
"Suspect name : The Joker 
                              "Falls out of the bed and dies *
XJayCobblepotX XJayCobblepotX Jul 06, 2016
Yeah at that point I would start laughing like a phyco and and have a wide smirk on my face 😈😈😈
KarolineMargretKahny KarolineMargretKahny Aug 08, 2016
Me on a normal day hurt change the Those questions I cannot answer to any moment I'm ever in
cuppasuga cuppasuga Jun 02, 2016
I'm no therapist for the insane idiotic pestilent children..BUT, I am a teddy bear doctor on Thursdays. 
                              preferably for suicidal bears.
HollySterland HollySterland Mar 19, 2016
Not the soap....., ANYTHING BUT THE SOAP!!!!!!     XD 😂😂😂😂
stranger289 stranger289 Jan 07
Honestly I can never tell which joker their talking about. They use a picture of the Heath Ledger joker then go with the story line of Suicide Squad