Sherlock has dealt with a mystery illness for four years. Sent away from doctors and still undiagnosed, he learns to cope. However, when it becomes worse and his good friend Dr Watson notices, he sets about helping him. A good old sick!fic and some solid platonic bromance.

tmw you stand up too fast and start floating through space and time itself
Ive_Been_Made Ive_Been_Made Jun 20, 2016
Just going to say this out right. Adorable. I'm trying to imagine them as people other than the actors I've seen them as in movies because when they are the actors it gets weird. I prefer the cartoony versions of them XD
BrenZGewitter BrenZGewitter Aug 11, 2016
Hey, haven't read it yet but I'm excited. I'm emetaphobic too
No one else a little alarmed at how hey thought there perfect place to deal with a committing Sherlock was in a crime scene? Like "oh your sick? Hold on let me close he door, don't need forensics in here quite yet the crime scene can wait"
Kings_KeeperOfKeys Kings_KeeperOfKeys Nov 01, 2016
Whenever this happens to me, just don't move me
                              Everyone involved will regret it, and it seems to lengthen the suffering
kingtatsunari kingtatsunari Jul 05, 2015
Oh croft I can already tell that this fic is going to devour my soul