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Rivaling 'Wizards' (Percy Jackson and Harry Potter)

Rivaling 'Wizards' (Percy Jackson and Harry Potter)

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Quinn By justleavemealonenow Updated Sep 07, 2015

The order of the Phoenix asks the demigods in America for help to defeat Voldemort. Now Nico, Thalia, and Percy are going to Hogwarts to avoid being thrown into another war. Will they be friends or enemies with the golden trio? Will they be able to avoid the war or will they be at the center of it? And for which side will they fight?

Disclaimer: I don't own Percy Jackson or Harry Potter. All rights go to Rick Riordan and J.K. Rowling. Except the plot. The plot is mine.

snowflakefrozenseal snowflakefrozenseal Dec 18, 2016
Yeah. Not your finest moment, yet Mt. St Helens was not either...
GalraKeith- GalraKeith- Sep 12, 2016
GUYS the author is getting rid of the American wizards because they needed to because PLOT
Quite a shock when you look around and you notice that you raised the Earth Mother from a nose bleed.
Yep, all because of your nosebleed...but hey, how he heck likes nosebleeds in the first place?
_WarriorPlays_ _WarriorPlays_ Dec 23, 2016
"You Are Going To Make Sure It Doesn't Come To Us."
                              That's Not Any Better
GalraKeith- GalraKeith- Sep 12, 2016
Annabeth wouldn't cry in front of everyone, I think she's more of the type to bottle it up and wait to cry when she's alone