My Criminal #Wattys2015

My Criminal #Wattys2015

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Amelia By CriminallyLia Updated Jun 03, 2015

I was a Drop Of Water and He was The Ocean. I was a Flame and He was The Fire. I was a Piece of Grass and He was The Field.  He was Romeo and I was Juliet.  I was His Heart and He was My Soul.

Without him I couldn't survive. I wouldn't.

Alrick Carenov. At 25 he runs the biggest Gang in Europe. He has a heart of Ice and eyes a cold electric blue, towards everyone but her.

Faye Grey. 18 and an Orphan with striking grey eyes that hide her emotions from everyone, well everyone but him.

When Alrick saves Faye's life she becomes involved in the hidden world of crime but was she already more involved than anyone could have guessed. Desperate to escape the nightmare that is her past and reality Faye tries to run at every opportunity but Alrick doesn't plan on letting the one person that made his heart melt go. Not now. Not ever.

But will he have a choice when HE continues to haunt her.

Give me my Romeo and, when he shall die,
Take him and cut him out in little stars,
And he will make the face of heaven so fine,
That all the world will be in love with night.

*Includes: Sexual Content* 

My Criminal. Copyright © December 1st 2014. CriminallyLia All Rights Reserved.

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Wings-of-Insanity Wings-of-Insanity Jul 10, 2016
Very interesting prologue, I like the details in it✌🏼️
nachomonster300 nachomonster300 Nov 21, 2016
Just like to point out you had the most beautiful book synopsis I've ever seen written
Summerz1 Summerz1 Feb 20, 2015
woaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh... really really really interesting!! loving this already
4evahannah 4evahannah Feb 20, 2015
Oohh really interesting characters, I can't wait to see where this is going :)
maheenhamood maheenhamood Feb 19, 2015
Wow,awesome,fabulous,marvellous, terrific and perfect now I am speechless. Update soon. :)
LoveFromCandy LoveFromCandy Feb 19, 2015
It seems good for the first chapter. Hope you update soon :)