Destiel Fluff

Destiel Fluff

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Just another little collection of Destiel adorableness!

This is my first time posting anything to wattpad, but I'm doing my best! Constructive criticism is welcome. 
I don't know how often I'll update, that'll probably mainly depend on how many people seem interested and when I get inspiration.


P.S If you have ANY IDEAS WHATSOEVER for one-shots PLS TELL ME cos I have the creativity of a fish and I can't think of ideas ever if you give me a prompt THERE IS IS 99.9% CHANCE I WILL MAKE IT A THING I PROMISE

Okay this is the problem I have with reading ADORABLE Destiel stuff...I just squealed in front of 6 family members who were all silently enjoying a movie. IT JUST SO CUUUTEEE
*internal screaming because fluff is really cute and so is cas and dean is its JUST TOO MUCH*
Storm1001 Storm1001 Jul 09, 2016
Cas: Dean i left that all behind 
                              Dean: Cas, Sam has been out on a hunting trip and he hasn't been back in a few days
I was waiting for Sam, instead of being on a hunt be actually there ready
                              to jump in as a surprise for deans birthday. But then Sam would walk in on dean and cas making out and be like, ok then! *slams door*
xxangel_fire14xx xxangel_fire14xx Aug 17, 2015
I'm holding back a squeal right now because this is so adorable and it physically pains me
xxangel_fire14xx xxangel_fire14xx Aug 17, 2015
*sniffs* I think I'm going to cry about how sweet and innocent this is