Destiel Fluff

Destiel Fluff

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GayFanficGirl By GayFanficGirl Updated Apr 28, 2015

Just another little collection of Destiel adorableness!

This is my first time posting anything to wattpad, but I'm doing my best! Constructive criticism is welcome. 
I don't know how often I'll update, that'll probably mainly depend on how many people seem interested and when I get inspiration.


P.S If you have ANY IDEAS WHATSOEVER for one-shots PLS TELL ME cos I have the creativity of a fish and I can't think of ideas ever if you give me a prompt THERE IS IS 99.9% CHANCE I WILL MAKE IT A THING I PROMISE

Fic: just an innocent fluff! Happiness to be found!
                              Me, a sad broken potato: pls don't hurt me
                              Fic: lol burn rat
phangirl919 phangirl919 Sep 09
Still again I'm stupid and read these in cars with people around and I can't cry randomly in front of them what have a done to myself
Fic: Just some nice fluff full with happiness!
                              Me: :) 
                              Fic: ha jk lol have dead cas
                              Me: :(
Storm1001 Storm1001 Jul 09
Cas: Dean i left that all behind 
                              Dean: Cas, Sam has been out on a hunting trip and he hasn't been back in a few days
Do whatever you can do to pull your sisters heartstrings and make her cry without hurting her too much. Do the sisterly thing