Destiel Fluff

Destiel Fluff

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Just another little collection of Destiel adorableness!

This is my first time posting anything to wattpad, but I'm doing my best! Constructive criticism is welcome. 
I don't know how often I'll update, that'll probably mainly depend on how many people seem interested and when I get inspiration.


P.S If you have ANY IDEAS WHATSOEVER for one-shots PLS TELL ME cos I have the creativity of a fish and I can't think of ideas ever if you give me a prompt THERE IS IS 99.9% CHANCE I WILL MAKE IT A THING I PROMISE

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supernatural-phan supernatural-phan Aug 14, 2017
Okay this is the problem I have with reading ADORABLE Destiel stuff...I just squealed in front of 6 family members who were all silently enjoying a movie. IT JUST SO CUUUTEEE
AllisonL7 AllisonL7 Aug 07, 2017
*internal screaming because fluff is really cute and so is cas and dean is its JUST TOO MUCH*
MorganOKeefe4 MorganOKeefe4 3 days ago
All of you are dead to me. I am crying in the middle of english class and no one understands.
I just finished Twist and Shout and came here for some fluff, but now I'm just vrying again
i'm not even in this fandom, but Tumblr has somehow managed to make me ship Destiel and now i'm here.
criariver criariver Apr 03
*sqints eyes* 
                              Ha! gAYyYyyyy
                              We all know he's bi