Penguin's Bird ~ A Gotham Fanfic

Penguin's Bird ~ A Gotham Fanfic

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Sugardarkness By Sugardarkness Updated May 02

"I was the girl you fell in love with once. But that was before everything changed. Then I died and now here we are, once again, at the same crossroads, making the same mistakes," I state looking into his cool ice eyes. He shakes his head and stumbles forward.

"My feelings still haven't changed for you!" he replies back begging for his life.  

I raise my brow and lick my crimson coloured lips before meeting him in the middle and taking his chin in my hand.

"Oh, Oswald. Mine have and I can never forgive you for what you've done," I chuckle darkly. 

My men all aim their guns at Oswald's head as he tries fighting the restraints on his wrists.

"Dacey please, don't do this!" He cries out for mercy. 

"Goodbye, my Love," I say sadly before signalling my men to shoot.

You've heard of the Dark Knight and Suicide Squad...

Well, before all of that was the Killer Queen of Gotham City, a teenage Batman, and a load of pre-villains trying to find their happily ever after... 

In other words, a load of teenagers and young adults fighting a wooden chair to see who really rules Gotham.

Dacey Strike is a Detective at the GCPD working alongside Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock. She is the daughter of the crime boss Fish Mooney and best friends with work colleague, Edward Nygma and childhood best friend, Jonathan Crane. But what the rest of Gotham don't know is that there's a murderess full of dark secrets behind her façade of being a cop and no one has seen her true colours up until Oswald Cobblepot came along and changed everything... 

So be ready for a story full of love, betrayal, heartbreak and death, to see if the villains of this story actually get their happy endings or if everything they all work for comes crashing down on them...

Disclaimer: I don't own Gotham or DC

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