Finally Found Her (Completed)

Finally Found Her (Completed)

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NK By xoxo_nk Completed

Ryder is in his senior year of high school . He was about to give up on finding his mate when he finally found her.  Jasmine is new in town and when she meets a certain someone, suddenly her heart feels at home.
Completed in 2015.

This is the first piece of writing I've ever written. It's safe to say when I go back and try to read this story, I cringe. Read at your own risk (lol speaking of, feel free to read my current novel titled "Risk")

| Cover by: @blue_eyed_wonder |

Demographic: Teen & Young Adult (Rated Mature due to intimate content)

hayesg4eva hayesg4eva Feb 10, 2016
Cameron Dallas or Francisco  Lachowski  😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
- - Jun 20, 2016
                              guess your english-speaking readers have to “bare” with you too
magicofwords magicofwords Jan 04, 2016
These remind me of worms...wiggle wiggle squirm little wormy lol
BandsAtBiersack BandsAtBiersack May 28, 2015
For some reason I picture all wattpad guys as short haired Andy Biersack no matter how the author describes them.
ThePinkBear ThePinkBear May 15, 2015
people have already mentioned it before, but it is said 'lo siento' not 'siento'
Bambi_Blu Bambi_Blu Apr 25, 2015
the first time both people have brown eyes. (you,author, deserve nutella and cookies)
                              couldnt find the cookies