The Alpha King ON HOLD

The Alpha King ON HOLD

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Anonymous Writer By lovelytale Updated Jan 09, 2017

Everyone has their own destiny out on this world. Define this so-called 'destiny', according to the internet: the hidden power believed to control what will happen in the future; fate.

Fate, many people don't believe in fate, but it's quite common out in the werewolf world. Think of mate's for instance, that's a big example. Even though we all have our dued fate or destiny, we control it. We control the way our life goes. 

Life is complicated enough when Roxanne doesn't want a mate, she believes she was born to fight... wasn't she? Well can Roxanne fight this battle? She thinks she wasn't born to lead millions... well isn't that a problem when you're mated to the King sweetheart.

In due time their destiny awaits them, which way will they turn? The job that has to be done can't be completed without the both of them. There's no running away from the truth, and Roxanne knows that very well.


"No matter what road you take Roxanne, destiny will always find a way, it will always be at the end of the path and fate cannot be out driven." Balin warned his mate.

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I love Nick Bateman! Have two stories which he is the main character!
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