My Possesive Step-Brother [❄Jelsa❄]

My Possesive Step-Brother [❄Jelsa❄]

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He was always quiet. He never really talked and seemed to be moody... Well, at home at least. Outside he was the cocky, fun badass everyone knew and loved and that made me somewhat angry.

We lived together for two years. Him being a year older than I didn't change that we had to be together. He had a sister that was only 9 and mine was 13. They're both two years older now. Because of us being the two oldest we had much responsibilities and usually had to help each other out.

We became close. He and I would sometimes go out together and shop or go to see movies or hang out with the same friends (but he was still moody). We became really close and stayed like that for most of the first year... until I got a boyfriend.

It was a month before Christmas and he had asked me out. I was in 9th grade so I didn't think much of it. I just jumped right into the relationship. His name was Hans. He gave me good memories and cute gifts. He even finished my sentences.

I fell in love with...

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Same with me and my crush well just the staying away from each other because we were best friends then things happened and we don't talk to each other anymore just look at each other with hate 😭😭😫😫😩
Heya Elsa, would you mind giving us the address to his house? I'm not gonna do anything, maybe just sit down, have a cup of tea, *muttering* make sure he knows not mess with anyone ever again *back to normal* stuff like that. I totally won't bring any swords
Yanderes_child Yanderes_child Mar 19, 2016
Wtf okay time for yandere mode imma terminate Hans and slowly cu- okay for short he's dead
Yeh_So Yeh_So Jan 17
Jack- He's not what you think.
                              Elsa- I don't care.
                              Jack- I'm just trying to protect you
Caramel_Cookie-chan Caramel_Cookie-chan Nov 27, 2016
Seriously Elsa...... I think you're more immature than Anna this time. -_-
angelgirl4life angelgirl4life Mar 12, 2016
I just died when I saw Hans name... And I did not die in a good way like a fangirl... I died in a bad way...