The Wife Games

The Wife Games

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That is all Zaid has ever known.

Some people only have to put up with their mother, maybe girlfriend (the harami's), but for Zaid, he has been blessed with the delights of having 7 sisters who are overbearing and more protective of him than he could ever be of them.

However many faults they might have, it's a mutual understanding that they have his best interests at heart; which is why when Zaid goes on a hunt for a wife, the girls take over.


They can't allow their brother to marry just any girl.

The girls have certain expectations and criteria of what any woman needs to be before they can get close to even sniffing Zaid.

1. Loyalty
2. Empathy
3. Have a good sense of humour
4. Elegance
5. Kind Hearted
6. Patience
7. Helpful

If any one of these criteria are not met by the woman their brother is looking at as a potential spouse, then the girls go to any means to sabotage the meetings.

Will Zaid ever be able to find a woman to marry?

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star_hugs star_hugs Feb 13
Oh my, why would Bhaijan pick her? What was she wearing when Bhaijan agreed to meet her? :D
Lmao. So naughty! This sounds really great so far! Can't wait to read on!
star_hugs star_hugs Feb 13
Lol, omg I would be stressed out  in one room with 7 people constantly.
Hw come I didn't find ur book earlier ahhhhhhhh someone kill me
yuskhannn yuskhannn Feb 18
Khannot believe I just started reading this amazing piece of work
star_hugs star_hugs Feb 13
Dang that means father had 6 children with step mother. 🎉