Save me from M Y S E L F  KarkatxReader

Save me from M Y S E L F KarkatxReader

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Karkat Vantas By AttackOnKarkat Updated Feb 14, 2017

[This is a POV from a female]
  It was nearing the end of your twelfth year of high school, and the boy troll who sat behind you in class still hadn't said a word. Not to you, not to anyone else. You had talked to your friends about it, though they all simply waved him off as "that weird quiet kid". You didn't look at him that way. When you saw him walk through the halls of your school, you could tell there was more to him than the pettiness of your friends would lead you to believe. Today you've decided that he will no longer be a stranger to you, though when things quickly begin to spiral out of control you may just begin to second guess yourself and those around you.

Writer's Note-
I realize how unbelievable it is to spend a year sitting in front of someone and yet not have an inkling of an idea of what their name is. And to anyone who takes up issue with that, I'd like to remind you that every story requires a mcguffin, and lets face it this is the easiest course of action with the smallest amount of space to be taken from the actual meat of the plot. Bite the bullet, cool your jets, and enjoy yourself. -KK

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KarklesLovr KarklesLovr Sep 29, 2016
This is so sweet! The shoosh pap is actually subtle enough to keep the sadness still flowing through the scene.