11 bullies and I

11 bullies and I

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Jade By jadebate96 Updated Aug 19

The kingka's of Seoul high find interest in the small timid new student D.O Kyungsoo making his life a living hell whilst they all embark on love, sadness and abuse.

Follow the story of D.O  Kyungsoo try to make a new start in life but bad mishaps come along the way wherever he goes.

Read on to find out.

Lay is so sweet irl, he's probably just going with it in this cuz he's too high to think
iFANGIRL247 iFANGIRL247 Sep 03
Don't. Do. Drugs. 
                              But Yixing I love you ahhhhh, I can't imagine him being mean because he's such a kindhearted and warm precious person
min_yoongay min_yoongay Sep 30
Guthrie uchfheejrjfjcocodjejr, I basically speak to people with facial axpressions
Scary Bambi is all o can think of...
                              Sorry I can't think of Luhan as scary
Lu... why?
                              You really think that's funny?
                              I'll tell you what's funny me kicking you in the soft spot.
He's unstoppable, unless you have a secret weapon *pulls out ladybug*