Mr. Superficial (BWWM)

Mr. Superficial (BWWM)

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(=゚ω゚)ノ By Rainbow-Herbicides Updated Jun 11, 2017

'Hello my precious Paisley,' I greet maliciously. 

She looks startled and quickly averts her eyes to the ground. 

'Oh sweetheart, are you seriously gonna eat that? Look at yourself. You're big enough,' I say, referring to her weight. 

Paise frowns at the ground before throwing her muffin into a nearby trashcan. I see a tear roll down her left cheek. 

'Are you crying now? How adorable,' I say, taking a step closer. 

'Those were compliments, I haven't even started yet, sweetheart.' 

Paise quickly wipes her eyes with the back of her black, chubby hand. 

'Please. L-leave m-me alone,' she stutters. 

Can a bully and its victim find love? Read the ultimate story about how opposites do attract.


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happy200404 happy200404 Sep 21, 2017
So he gets yelled at by disrespecting his mom but I get full blown whooping
JiminsWifeau JiminsWifeau Jul 27, 2017
Whos the fag now with you soccer mom car like tf u got me weak😂😂👏
Gorgeously_Beautiful Gorgeously_Beautiful Sep 15, 2017
He's adorable! He reminds me of Cody from the Suit Life of Zach and Cody.
FinnGrazersWifey FinnGrazersWifey Aug 20, 2017
If I said that to my mom, I would've gotten the black slapped off of me 😂
wattlove122333 wattlove122333 Dec 06, 2017
This kid rly throwing a tantrum because of some British guy....boi
r_prim r_prim Nov 17, 2017
You are suppose to us "" for is actually being said and ''for them saying what someone sad, in a memory, or what they are thinking.