I Think I'm Falling For You (Eren X Levi)

I Think I'm Falling For You (Eren X Levi)

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HinaHina69 By HinaHina69 Updated Feb 13, 2016

A Eren x Levi Love Story

Eren Jaeger is a boy who attends school, works, and just so happens to fall for a certain someone.

Whoever is going to read this story you should probably know that this is my first fanfic I have ever wrote, so if its bad I'm so sorry. Other than that I hope you enjoy it! Also I'm sorry if I make any errors!

I do not own Attack On Titan or any of the characters in it.

Also this is boy x boy so if you don't like it, please don't read.

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EvaTheGeek3 EvaTheGeek3 Apr 23
Hello, and I am from the future and I am rereading because ths fanfic is the best I have ever read and for the people that think that Levi will be tutoring Eren, you would be correct
EvaTheGeek3 EvaTheGeek3 Apr 23
Fangirl1: - sniff sniff - DO I SMELL LEVI?!   Fangirl2: - sniff sniff - I SMELL HIM TOO!!   Fangirl1: HE'S THAT WAY!
EvaTheGeek3 EvaTheGeek3 Apr 23
Its like when you try shut off your alarm when you wake up and just when your about to slide the thingy to shut off your alarm...you get a text and you loose all of your sleepiness while you respond and you wanna go back to sleep but can't because your not tired anymore and it sucks :(
Rubiew Rubiew Mar 28
we already know that he won’t be going to hang out he will be *smirks* occupied
commaboi commaboi Apr 27
Okay this Is litteraly me but opposite "I don't know if I'm in to guys or girls I mean I think girls are beautiful and I want to marry one and I have no interest in men at all.....hmmm what could I be?"
I thought it said they wore a brown crop top and it confused the crap out of me