The Mate She Forgot

The Mate She Forgot

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Uriyah By Fallingintothesky Updated Apr 27

Isabella Swan is at the peak of her life. She has never felt so blissful before and she finally has a sort of functional family to call her own. And the cherry at the top, her husband, the man of her dreams, is right there to spend eternity with her. But of course, because she is Isabella Swan, something just had to happen, because normality just is not allowed- if you count a vampire coven as normal. And that something that happened? The Mikaelson brothers. 

Klaus has been searching for his lost mate, told that he couldn't go near her again until she turned nineteen, and the seconds are ticking down. Thing is, no one told him that his little mate had been turned into a cold one. No one told him that she was married. No one told him that his mate may not be just his mate. What no one had to tell him is, heads will roll. 

All in all, it's just another day in the life of Isabella Swan. 

And here comes Elijah...