levi x reader < slave ,maid ,lover?>

levi x reader < slave ,maid ,lover?>

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Im in a living hell , I'm poor and barely have any money for food but my father is addicted to gambling and has a drinking problem recently he has gotten worse he has started to abuse me
he wasn't always like this he used to be happy and he always smiled but after my  mother died he was never the same

I have tried to escape  but he caught me and it didn't end well 

well what happens when your dad bet's you as a prize and he looses 

you get taken away by some weird men and leave this hell hole 

will your life get better or will it get worse

read to find out

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Jokes on you im ulgy so ahahahahahahhaahhahahaahahahahhahahahahaga GO DIE ahahahahuajahahahahahhaha
It's ok, I'm actually in real life 2 inches shorter than him:)
Levi Is not gonna be happy hes gonna shove A mint up his throat
He's like 5 ft something.. I'm.. 5ft..so Hehe ur not off there
Who are these people? I just woke up in my underwear! I'm p!atd trash hi👋🏻
I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound rude but there should be a comma after "it's so cold". That stuff doesn't usually bother me, I'm sorry