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The path we walk (nishinoya x reader)

The path we walk (nishinoya x reader)

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真冬 By Fuyuruki_ Completed

It all started in that small enclosed area known as the classroom. Ever since you paired up with him, your life start to change. Volleyball. That was the only thing that you don't want to remember. Especially when it just reminds you of your past. What happen if he decide to pry into your life? Will it go for the better or the worse? Will you touch the ball again? Will you finally get over with your past? 
Read more to find out :)

amxwallace amxwallace Aug 01, 2016
I'm actually a couple inches shorter soooo. This should work right. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
SexyPandaJafar SexyPandaJafar Jul 01, 2016
Lol I'm gonna give you a star... this is the gold star system most have in kindergarten lol you did good, have a gold star
TrashBiz TrashBiz Feb 12
That common clichè. But doesn't get old. Gold as ever... X)
I'm pretty sure I'm the same size...Or am I shorter? Idk ._.
irrelevant_anime_ppl irrelevant_anime_ppl Aug 20, 2016
He might actually be a little tiny bit taller than me. Idk. I have measure myself lately😂. Last time I checked was at the beginning of the year and I was 5'3. So idk what I am now. But it doesn't matter!!! PRETENDING! IMAGINATION!!!
Jessica_sama Jessica_sama Dec 01, 2016
Tanaka would have screamed and been like "THAT'S MY BRO! *sniffles* He grows up so fast ;-;"