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Wyatt Perry spent so long seeking love in all the wrong places and all the wrong ways. Apparently, being a promiscuous hormonal teenager willing to kiss any attractive face didn't guarantee a long-time boyfriend ... who knew? Life wasn't like the books, try as he may. And in the end, when he realized it was helpless to seek that unrealistic happiness, Wyatt decided to do the next best thing-he decided to write a realistic one.

Roman Gale never took himself for a reader of any kind; there was simply no room for reading, especially on some social website with an obnoxious orange theme. Then, he encountered "Fleeting Love" and suddenly he was the ultimate fanboy.

#3 General Fiction

 [Part of The Awkward Love Series, can be Stand-Alone]

You put passion before the name. If people see your passion, for whatever it may be, then they'll know your name.
Trust me a bitch would get it... Who she think she talking to
Please make this more about Roman and Wyatt, I loved them so much and last I remember, it became all about Dale and I even stopped reading towards the end of the updates
I'm so excited for this book. Wyatt might be my favorite character to be honest.
DuckeeDee DuckeeDee Mar 16
Wyatt is my favorite character in this series.  I can't wait for him to be back in my life!
My mom told me about wattpad and now I use it everyday to read boyxboy or smut 💀