Insanity (Hunter x Hunter fanfic)

Insanity (Hunter x Hunter fanfic)

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xxsnailxx By XxSnailxX Updated Jun 27, 2015

Killua has a twin sister, an insanely possessive yet dangerous one who had a painful past story that Killua doesn't know of...

Nobody knows what her true objective is — whether to destroy or to protect him — not even herself.

Thank you and enjoy! :)

"As far as I'm concerned, there're only three main categories of people in this world: the ones I entertain, the ones I kill and the ones I don't kill because Killua doesn't want me to."
—Kuruki Zoldyck

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AmandaHebertThePanda AmandaHebertThePanda Apr 30, 2017
Nah I'm more laid back, Let it ring for a bit... 
                              *falls asleep and so the  call never gets answered*
Tea-Chai Tea-Chai Oct 09, 2017
I mean, that's what I do all the time so it's not hard to see if others do it 😂😂
Iorinn Iorinn May 03, 2016
Omg so goodddddddd! GODLIKE! Almost as gold as Killua saying Baka over and over in different scenes in a video xd
SnailsWithWings SnailsWithWings Oct 16, 2016
Unless you know the Impure World Reincarnation Jutsu, in which case...
XxSnailxX XxSnailxX Jan 06, 2015
@Akemicchi Haha NP ^_^ Feel free to spam comments if you want to xD
Akemicchi Akemicchi Jan 06, 2015
That's cool, sorry if I bothered you in any way. I was just curious as to how you were gonna continue with writing this :)