The Power of Love ~skylox~

The Power of Love ~skylox~

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Abigail Rose By Singitqueen Completed

Ty's mother is dead. Tys father left the day she died. He was four. He was raised in a foster home until eighteen, when he learned his father had been caught, for killing his mother. Ty gets flashbacks of his past now.

Sky was depressed when he was younger. His father was abusive,and his mother was always there for him. Until she died. His drunk dad beat him all the time, and he went away when he was ten. He still remembers the day; he has no choice. His eidetic memory won't let him. 

He has power to heal Ty. But he has to meet him first. Can Sky, a depressed, socially awkward empathic teen, with the ability to never forget save a boy with a power that keeps him depressed?

  • depressed
  • eideticmemory
  • merome
  • premonition
  • skylox
CringeyPotatoKirz CringeyPotatoKirz Jun 25, 2016
Did Seto get a potion to turn Brice into a girl?! The hell?! 😂😂😂
icheni123 icheni123 Oct 11, 2016
That had better be Brice's mom or something because otherwise WHY? EXPLAIN THIS MADNESS.
Lunawolf41 Lunawolf41 Apr 19, 2016
you just made Brice a girl...
girlymira girlymira Jun 29, 2016
When you write 'bacca ' in my mind says "wait baka in Japanese is idiot that means at the hood says ' idiot'"
TheYaoi-bulance TheYaoi-bulance Feb 03, 2016
Yep. Either dis is Seto and Brice's child, or Bricey has a secret twin.
Peacechandesu24 Peacechandesu24 Dec 03, 2016
🎧🎤🎶She paints her fingers with a close Precision, he starts to notice empty bottles of gin. 🎧🎤🎶