We Paid The Price (sequel to RPAP)

We Paid The Price (sequel to RPAP)

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Tamara Rose Catherine got rejected by her mate. She was banished, found by another pack who took her in and reformed her into a stronger, sassier wolf. They became her brothers and best friends, helping her join with her old pack and end up falling back in love with her mate, Dylan, once again.

You can't fight the mating bond. Dylan and Tamara Rose finally managed to work all the kinks out in their relationship...all, but one.

Dylan's brother, Jason.

He kidnapped Tamara, beating her so brutally she lost her memory. Now, she can't remember anything except her previous life as a servant in Dylan's pack. She doesn't know about their mating bond, about her new pack members, about anything she's been through in the past few years at all.

Seriously, this is about to be one hell of a roller-coaster ride.

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fuk_off_please fuk_off_please May 23, 2016
I could this is Eric so 
                              Eric babe she lost her memory not her brain she wasn't just born and hour ago
fuk_off_please fuk_off_please May 23, 2016
Everybody is talkin bout the fish and I'm just like I DONT WANT TAT SALAD I WANT REAL FOOD
chector53 chector53 Aug 19, 2016
She deserve to know, since you forced claimed her and took her choices away from her.
dillyf dillyf Mar 21, 2016
Grabs 6 blades coated in sliver bye bītch 
                              Throws all at him falls you ground dead d
                              Don't threaten MEEEEEE
NightmareRoyale NightmareRoyale Sep 16, 2015
Me baby can't run anymore *sobs* I'll carry him if I have to!!
NightmareRoyale NightmareRoyale Sep 16, 2015
Don't you hit him no moe!!! *pouts* I'm sorry boo she didn't mean it